MAC is new home for PRMC Cancer Support Services

Peninsula Regional Medical Center treats many people with cancer at the Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute every year, and supports their emotional and social well-being through its Cancer Support Services office. Previously located on Riverside Drive, PRMC’s Cancer Support Services have found a new home at MAC Inc.

“This was a natural transition, because MAC and our Cancer Support Services have been partnering for the past three years to provide a comprehensive cancer survivor program,” said Lisa Barnes, a social worker and coordinator of PRMC’s Cancer Support Services. “In fact, for several years, quite a few of our programs have been located at MAC Inc. – now they will all be together in one location.”

Peninsula Regional provides cancer patients and survivors with counseling, support groups, yoga and a monthly lunch social. MAC offers access to a gym, tai chi class, workshops, a community raised bed garden and weekly vegetable distribution in the winter.

“Now that Cancer Support Services is all under one roof, there are many benefits,” said Robin Ritchie, Cancer Survivorship Coordinator for MAC Inc. “Patients and survivors in the community will not have to travel between sites.  Those who may have never visited MAC will become familiar with the gym, tai chi class and garden and perhaps take better advantage of these additional free resources.  Likewise, those that may have only attended events at MAC may become interested in the restorative yoga class, and monthly social event or support groups.”

Barnes and Ritchie say they look forward to the closer integration of their programs, which will be easier for patients and families to navigate when they are located together. The hope is to encourage even more people to take part in these programs that can make a big difference to people with cancer.

“Many people, after completing cancer treatment, can benefit from activities and information that can help them recover physically, emotionally and socially,” Ritchie said. “People can become isolated after cancer becomes part of their life, and having a place and people that understand can make a big difference in helping people thrive as cancer survivors.”

MAC Inc. is located at 909 Progress Drive in Salisbury. To learn more about cancer support services, visit, or call 410-543-7209. PRMC’s Cancer Support Services are also offered at the Richard A. Henson Cancer Institute Ocean Pines.

Press release courtesy of PRMC