Do you have an Advance Directive?

Everyone has the right to make their own healthcare decisions. But what if you are sick or injured or otherwise unable to make your own decisions regarding medical treatment?
You can make your healthcare wishes known by creating an Advance Directive. This document details what medical treatment you do – and don’t – want in the case you are unable to make those decisions for yourself.
Making your healthcare wishes known is a gift to your loved ones, saving them from making tough decisions at a difficult time, and saving them from worrying if they made the healthcare decisions you would have wanted.
Forms for creating an Advance Directive are available from the Maryland Attorney General’s Office. Call 1-888-734-0023; or visit www.marylandattorney
More information and forms are also available from The Conversation Project website,, which includes a new guide regarding health care decisions in this time of the COVID-19 pandem