MAC Wellness Center gym is open!

The Richard A. Henson Wellness Center gym is open!
Gym hours will be Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The gym is operating at 50% capacity in accordance with Gov. Hogan’s executive order on the reopening of fitness centers in Maryland, and for the safety of its members.
Please note there are a few new guidelines in place, in keeping with the State of Maryland Phase 2 reopening restrictions:
Avoid shaking hands. Please minimize congregating in the halls, the entry way, around the front desks, and while you’re in the gym.
Practice social distancing.
Wear a mask. Masks are required while in the building: while entering the building, walking the halls, using the restroom, conversing with friends/staff. In addition, members are encouraged to wear a mask when exercising, if they are able to do so safely. If that’s not possible, try to increase distance from others. Personal Trainers/Instructors will wear a mask during individual sessions and when physical distancing is not possible.
Enter the building through MAC’s main entrance. A staff member will greet you, take your temperature (touchless), and ask you a few COVID-19 screening questions.
Please be sure to give your name at the gym desk so we can generate your mandatory membership card! (No additional fee!)
The gym check-in system will be a no touch scanning system. The gym desk will assist you in generating/administering your membership card that you’ll use to scan/check in!
Membership payments to avoid congregating groups and waiting:
Checks, can be placed in the secure drop box if there is a wait or a group of people around our front desk, or if no one is at the gym desk.
Credit/debit card and exact cash payments can be made at the gym desk.
Personal Training clients should pay for sessions with a staff member at the gym desk.
Group classes
Check in at the gym when you arrive.
Bring your own equipment when possible, such as yoga mat, hand weights, towels, water bottles etc.
When the weather is cooperating we’ll try to have as many of our classes outside as possible. Please plan accordingly with water, sunscreen, bug spray and appropriate clothing. If it’s too hot, raining, or bad weather in general we’ll have the class in the Bradford Room.
Equipment usage
Wipe equipment down before and after use; use hand sanitizer, work hard, be courteous, and be clean. If you’d prefer a staff member to sanitize equipment, let a staff know.
Personal training
We can train outside or inside. Trainers will wear masks, wipe down equipment, maintain physical distance, and will take any additional precautions you wish.

When finished, please exit and sign out at the main entrance. (Signing out will help with contact tracing if needed)