Take steps to prevent falls

September is Falls Prevention Month!
Falls are among the most serious and common problems that threaten independence and quality of life for older adults, ages 65 and older.
Falls are not an inevitable part of aging, and many falls can be prevented.
Fall prevention tips:
• Talk to your healthcare providers about your fall risks
• Review your medicines with your pharmacist
• Get your vision and hearing checked yearly
• Participate in an exercise program that focuses on balance, walking, & flexibility
• Use the “Home Safety Checklist” to reduce home hazards
Home Safety Checklist:
• Remove items and objects on the floor or staircase that may pose a trip hazard
• Install lights and handrails on staircases
• Remove throw rugs
• Place grab bars in the tub and next to the toilet
• Use non-slip mats in the tub or shower
• Keep your home well lit
• Place items you use daily in easy to reach cabinets. Avoid step-stools
Information is from the Maryland Department of Aging website