Dear MAC Visitors: Your Safety is Our Priority!

Dear Friends:
Welcome back to MAC!
We missed you during our extended closing to visitors due to COVID-19.*
With a return to “normalcy” in the works, your safety continues to be our priority!
Here’s what we continue to do to ensure your safety:
More fresh air: We have increased the air exchange rate in our building, resulting in complete fresh air circulation every 38 to 57 minutes.
Cleaning/Sanitizing: Fitness center, other public/meeting spaces, and bathrooms, are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day/after each use. This includes the use of electrostatic sprayers, which provide the most complete disinfection.
Masks: We encourage those who have not been vaccinated to continue wearing a mask.
Social distancing: We are supportive of social distancing, in accordance with CDC guidelines.
Hand sanitizer: Available to all who enter the building.
Education: All staff have been educated on current health safety standards.
For more information, call MAC at 410-742-0505.

*While the building was closed to visitors during the pandemic, the business of MAC continued, with staff offering critical services via telephone.
Since day one of the pandemic, MAC’s Nutrition Staff and Drivers have reported to work as usual, working tirelessly to meet the constantly growing demand for meals delivered to the homes of local home-bound seniors.