MAC's Lunch Around the World!

For the next several months, MAC will be selling lunches to raise money to support our Meals on Wheels program. We are incredibly lucky here at MAC to have a broad collection of very talented and diverse kitchen staff that bring many different delicious styles of cooking to our menus. With this fundraiser, we want to share their different culinary expertise with you!

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This Months Meal:

  • Orders can be placed through this webpage or in-person at our front desk. No over-the-phone orders.

  • Pick-ups will be at the front door at MAC Inc. from 11:30am to 1:00pm on October 20th

  • Order deadline is Friday, October 15th at noon

October Lunch – Indian Cuisine: Butter Chicken Curry



Includes Butter Chicken Curry, Roti Bread, and veggies!

150 in stock

Upcoming Lunches:

  • November 17th: Caribbean
  • Decemeber 15th: Cajun/Creole