In-Home Services

MAC offers a variety of services designed to help people age in place (remain in their homes).

Community First Choice

Clients receive in-home, individualized plan of services, based on a needs assessment, that may significantly delay or prevent costly nursing home placement.

Eligibility: No age requirement. Clients must be eligible for community Medicaid and must be medically eligible; Clients in this program are NOT eligible for assisted living.

Community Personal Assistance Services

Provides personal care and support planner services only, designed to keep people living in their home.

Eligibility: No age requirement; must be medically eligible and eligible for Community Medicaid

Medication Assistance Program

One-time only assistance, funded through a private foundation, to help those who can’t afford medication. Clients are then encouraged to seek counseling from a Medicare specialist on enrolling in a medication assistance program.

Eligibility: Clients must be age 55 or older and a resident of Wicomico County.

Community Options

The purpose of this program is to bring seniors out of nursing homes and keep them living in the community, with the support of appropriate services.

Eligibility: Clients must be in a nursing facility on Long-Term Medical Assistance, be medically and financially eligible; clients are eligible to live in an assisted living facility or private residence.

For more information:
Kathy Walker
Chief, Long-Term Care Division
410-742-0505, ext. 108

Senior Care Program

The primary goal of the Senior Care Program is to provide services that will support aging in place, keeping seniors living in their own home, and at a lower cost than a long-term care facility.

Services vary according to need, but may include personal care, light housekeeping chores, and emergency response systems, such as case management services.

MAC provides Senior Care service in Wicomico County only. There are Senior Care programs in every county in Maryland.

Wicomico County
Teri Davidson

Somerset County
Jo-Ann McKenzie
Tuesdays-Thursdays, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sherree Marshall
Mondays-Fridays, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Worcester County
Debbie Ritter
410 632 1277

Dorchester County
Donna Wilson

Eligibility: Age 65 or older. Must meet income and medical guidelines

Following completion of an assessment, a case manager will create a plan of care, based on the client’s needs and wishes, and what services and funds are available.

For more information:
Teri Davidson
Maryland Access Point/Information & Assistance

Telephone Reassurance Program

In this program, volunteers call more than 40 people daily to say “hello” and assess if that frail older person, who is living alone, is okay.

Many of these older persons have been referred to other MAC services, such as Meals on Wheels or a Senior Center, that help them maintain health and reduce isolation.

If a client does not answer the phone after two attempts, or if there is a change in behavior (particularly new-onset confusion), emergency contacts or the Sheriff’s Office are called.

Eligibility: Frail, home-bound, ages 55 and older

For more information:
Valerie Wagner
RSVP Project Director
410-742-0505, ext.  112